Exploring the top college majors, this article highlights the 10 most popular fields of study among students today, ranging from business administration and psychology to computer science and engineering. While many students select college degrees that reflect their interests and academic ambitions, most students enroll in postsecondary programs with an eye toward future employment.

The demand for and earning potential of related employment and internships, as well as the courses necessary to get their degree, should all be considered by students when selecting a major.

With the new academic year just around the year, it becomes important to find out the most popular college majors in 2023. Today, we are discussing the profession’s growth rate and salaries so you can select your career path easily.

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, the most popular and profitable college majors are highlighted on this list:

1. Engineering

Annual SalaryGrowth RateSpecialization
Business intelligence
Business administration
Business management

Engineers employ mathematical and physical concepts to create buildings, automobiles, electronics, and other structures. These people know their stuff and have excellent critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Engineers have a wide range of specialties to choose from. For instance, chemical engineers utilize their understanding of chemistry to create goods like medications and fuels, whereas civil engineers develop buildings and other physical structures like bridges and dams.

2. Business

Annual SalaryGrowth RateSpecialization
Business intelligence
Business administration
Business management

Through courses in business communications, risk management, and macroeconomics, the vast area of business teaches students how to run and expand commercial operations.

In addition, concentrations in entrepreneurship, finance, accounting, and management allow students to focus their studies. Graduates in business administration are prepared for a wide range of rewarding employment.

3. Nursing

Annual SalaryGrowth RateSpecialization
$82,75016%Health Sciences
Health informatics
Healthcare Administration
Health services
Public health

One of the most sought-after degrees in healthcare is nursing. Nurses provide medical treatment and offer support during a range of operations. They routinely complete foundational courses in pathophysiology, microbiology, and human anatomy.

Additionally, they might put in fieldwork hours to get clinical practice. Nurse practitioners can be attained by those who obtain a master’s degree in advanced practice nursing.

BLS predicts that between 2020 and 2030, the number of nurse practitioner positions will increase by 45%, significantly above the 8% average growth rate for all occupations.

4. Hospitality

Annual SalaryGrowth RateSpecialization
Home economics
Business economics
Hotel-keeping & catering
Mercantile law

Hospitality managers manage hotels, events, and dining facility operations. They frequently deal with high-stress situations and foster a collaborative setting while assigning tasks to those who play service-oriented responsibilities.

According to the BLS, in May 2020, food service managers made a median pay of $56,590, and hotel managers had a median compensation of $56,670.

These experts must be very organized and capable of showing leadership and addressing issues. In addition, students pursuing a degree in hospitality may enroll in courses in revenue management, risk management, and tourist and hospitality marketing.

5. Education

Annual SalaryGrowth RateSpecialization
$67,34010%Early childhood education
Health Education
Elementary Education
Math Education
Physical Education
Music Education
Special Education
Secondary Education

According to the BLS, there will be 1,603,900 elementary school teachers and 1,077,000 secondary school teachers in the United States by 2030. Elementary school teachers make $67,340.

Children’s development and classroom management are standard core courses taken by people pursuing degrees in teaching. Student teaching often allows students to get practical experience. They frequently focus on subfields like special education or primary education.

People who want to instruct older kids could receive training in a particular field, such as science or history.

6. Computer Science

Annual SalaryGrowth RateSpecialization
$92,21613%Computer programming, Information technology
Data Science
Database management
Network Administration
Web development
Software engineering

Students in this rapidly expanding field might concentrate on subjects like cybersecurity, information systems management, and software development to achieve their academic and professional objectives.

In addition, with the help of data mining and cryptography courses, students may develop their academic understanding. Many computer science specialists make a good livelihood. According to Indeed, the median annual wage for computer programmers is $92,216.

The need for computer science specialists is expected to increase as technology becomes more commonplace. The BLS predicts a 13% increase in employment for software engineers between 2020 and 2030.

7. Architecture

Annual SalaryGrowth RateSpecialization
Visual Arts

Architects collaborate closely with engineers and construction workers to create public buildings, homes, and other structures. They might enroll in computational systems theory, materials and design, and architecture theory classes. Students majoring in architecture may concentrate on sustainability, urban works, or furniture design.

Landscape, commercial, residential, and industrial architecture are other specialties for architects. They indeed reported that the median annual compensation for architects is $104,416.

8. Pharmaceutical Sciences

Annual SalaryGrowth RateSpecialization

Pharmacists monitor doses and give the proper drugs for the best possible health results. A bachelor’s in pharmaceutical sciences is frequently the first step toward a doctor of pharmacy degree. Students interested in this position must take organic chemistry, biochemistry, and human anatomy courses as undergraduates.

According to Payscale, clinical pharmacists made $121,185 annually in December 2022. With a degree in pharmaceutical sciences, one can also work in drug development, pharmaceutical research, and veterinary pharmacy.

9. Information Technology

Annual SalaryGrowth RateSpecialization
$52,09113%Computer Sciences
Computer-based Systems
Project Management
Computer Networks
Database Management

Graduates with an information technology degree may be prepared for technical communication and systems management positions. These people could focus on data analytics, a field in which experts extract information that can be used. They can also specialize in IT management, cybersecurity, or the administration of IT workers, budgets, and projects.

Between 2020 and 2030, the BLS predicts a 13% increase in IT occupations, adding 667,600 new employees. The yearly salary for IT professionals is $52,091.

10. Construction Management

Annual SalaryGrowth RateSpecialization
$76,2998.5%Structural Engineering
Construction Engineering Law
Construction Management
Geotechnical Engineering
Coastal and Water Resources Engineering
Transportation Engineering

Strong leaders and organizers could think about a career in construction management. Construction managers generally coordinate with subcontractors and other experts, manage finances, direct personnel, and schedule projects.

Construction students can enroll in cost estimation and bidding classes, building accounting and finance, and construction materials and procedures.

Construction managers made an average yearly compensation of $76,299. Graduates in this area may also work as cost estimators and building inspectors.

For students enrolling straight into highly competitive majors out of high school, it is important to choose a college major while still in high school. Making an early career decision can help you prepare for your professional future.

We hope our list of the most popular college majors helped you understand the expected growth of your selected field!