If you are looking for a Master’s Degree in Business to level up in your career, or to get a deeper understanding of how a business functions, then this one’s for you.

Explore various online master’s programs in business and find the one that is best-suited to your career goals.

There’s a plethora of courses available, both online as well as offline, that offer the knowledge and skills needed to succeed with a master’s degree in hand. Online master’s programs are gaining momentum, and are best suited for working professionals who don’t have the luxury of time but aim for a managerial position. These online courses are considered almost equivalent to completing a traditional offline master’s degree, thereby helping you kickstart a successful career in the field of business.

What can I expect with an Online Master’s Degree in Business?

An online master’s degree in business encompasses in-depth, extensive study of topics like business management, analytics, accounting, finance, sales, and marketing among others. Some institutions also offer softer-skills development including professional communication, business writing, and team management. When you opt for a master’s program in business, you can choose the subjects you wish to specialize in, polishing the skills and gaining the knowledge you need to build your career in the field of your choice. Many potential employers prefer students who have a Master’s Degree in Business as compared to those who only have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. This is why most master’s degree holders are also paid better.

What courses can I opt for in a Master’s Business Program?

A Master’s Degree in Business offers various courses and specializations to choose from. Some of the popular ones include:

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Accounting, M.S.

One of the perennially most in-demand professions is that of an accountant. A Master of Science in Accounting, offered by many prestigious universities, helps students build their knowledge in the field of accounting, finance, and economics. This course is most preferred by students who want to expand their knowledge pool while preparing for CPA exams. In this program, students usually study financial theory, financial reporting, ethics, auditing, taxation, and assurance. Upon graduation, students can become Accountants, Internal and External Auditors, Tax Accountants, Analyst Accountants, or Accounting Consultants.

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Business Administration (Accelerated), MBA

The Master of Business Administration (Accelerated) program focuses on preparing business professionals to operate in the dynamic, strategic, and rapidly changing world of business. This program will help you build leadership qualities while also developing in-demand skills that are essential for succeeding and thriving. This master’s program also teaches you to effectively manage people and resources, equipping you to:

  • Develop plans for operations and quality improvement, and build strategies for product manufacturing.
  • Design and implement strategies that are specific to market and consumer needs in the global landscape.
  • Put accounting and financial information to use and make decisions in dynamic business settings and situations.
  • Explore and understand how to drive strategic changes and expand the business via data-driven approaches.

The main highlight of the Business Administration (Accelerated) program is that you can finish this course faster in just 36 credit hours, which is a lot sooner than a regular MBA degree. Career opportunities after graduating with a Master of Business Administration (Accelerated) degree include Administrative and Operations Management, Business Consulting, Executive Leadership, Financial Analysis and Management, Global Project and Account Management, and Market Research Analysis.

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Business Administration, MBA

One of the most popular master’s courses is a Master's in Business Administration (MBA). An MBA holder is usually sought after because of the holistic nature of the curriculum. Just like the accelerated course, this program focuses on real-world business experience and preparing professionals to operate in a dynamic business environment. This program has the same subjects and courses as the accelerated program, except this is a full-time program that requires more than 36 credit hours to complete. Career options after gaining a Master's in Business Administration are vast and varied - some of the popular options include a career in Accounting, Business Analytics, Cybersecurity Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Investing, General Management, Product Marketing, Human Resource Management, or Healthcare Management.

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Business Analytics, M.S.

If your mind works wonders with big data, and you want to make a career out of it, then a Master of Science in Business Analytics is the right program for you. It offers comprehensive training in one of the continuously fastest-growing fields, letting you gain expertise in business processes, computer science and statistics, predictive analytics, high-level mathematics, data mining, optimization, data visualization, and risk analysis. With this program, you also get to understand the ethics and strategies deployed to protect data integrity. For students who already work in the field of business analytics, this degree will help you take the next step in your career by filling important gaps in your technical and soft skills. A Master of Science in Business Analytics will help you:

  • Understand how data mining helps professionals make effective business decisions.
  • Explore and learn how to present data and predictions using industry-specific tools and analytic concepts.
  • Implement best practices for corporate data storage and handling.
  • Experience hands-on use of modern analytical software and algorithms.

The career opportunities that are available after a M.S. in Business Analytics are Database Analyst, SAS Programmer, Business Analytics Expert, Statistician, Security Analyst, and Risk/Fraud Manager.

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Organizational Leadership, M.A.

As a graduate of this master's program, you get to make a career in Global Business Leadership and Communication, Healthcare Management, Human Resource Management, Interdisciplinary Studies, Leadership Coaching and Mentoring, or Social Entrepreneurship among many other fields.

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