If your interest lies in Healthcare services and you’re considering your options after High School, then an online Associate’s Degree in Healthcare could be the right fit for you. Many colleges and universities now provide associate’s degree programs for individuals who wish to learn more about healthcare before earning a bachelor’s degree.

Explore various online healthcare associate’s programs and find the one that is best-suited to your needs.

When you sign up for an associate’s degree program, you gain groundwork understanding of the subject, along with technical skills that will come in handy during further studies in the field of your interest.

What can I expect with an Online Healthcare Associate’s Degree Program?

An online healthcare associate’s program helps you gain a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry, including specializations in health service administration, medical administrative services, and how medical reimbursements and coding work. This course will help lay the foundation of your career in healthcare, or if you wish to continue with a bachelor’s course in healthcare services.

Most online associate courses are 60-credit programs that are available and accessible on the college websites 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The duration of these courses ranges anywhere from 16 to 20 months, if you’re attending full-time without any breaks.

What courses can I opt for in a Healthcare Associate’s Degree Program?

An associate’s healthcare program comprises particular courses based on the student’s areas of interest. Some of the popular ones are:

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AAS Medical Administrative Assistant

Interested in handling front-end administrative duties of a medical office, along with medical billing? Then the Medical Administrative Assistant associate degree program is the right course for you. This program does not focus on patient care and instead highlights the business and administrative sides in the field of medicine.

This course will help students learn the basics of business and administrative practices specific to healthcare, while also gaining a deeper understanding of the key practices of medical billing. Graduates of the Medical Administrative Assistant degree program can earn the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate (ACT NCRC), a credential that is considered a valid predictor of job performance.

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AAS Medical Reimbursement & Coding

This course prepares students for entry-level positions in medical billing and medical coding. Medical reimbursement and coding are important in healthcare, and medical coders are responsible for transforming billable patient care into medical codes for insurance companies. This ensures that healthcare providers are properly paid for their services.

In this course, students get a chance to learn about and gain skills in medical terminology, health information systems, medical records, and more. Medical coding specialists are considered for jobs in hospitals, clinics, private practices, long-term care facilities, insurance providers, and other businesses within the healthcare industry.

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AAS Health Service Administration

Graduates of this associate's degree course gain an education that is essential for entry-level positions throughout the healthcare industry. The program covers subjects like math, medical ethics, and other business medicine topics that prepare students to pursue relevant certifications to manage varied aspects within a doctor’s office or other healthcare venues, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term-care facilities. Individuals will build a foundation in performing administrative and business duties such as staff hiring and management, controlling finances and payroll, managing electronic medical records, and administrative coordination. Students can also use their healthcare administration associate degree as a stepping stone towards a bachelor’s degree.

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AAS Human & Social Services

The associate's degree program in Human and Social Services strongly focuses on legal and ethical procedures within the human and social services field to make sure that graduates gain an understanding of industry regulations and procedures. This degree program can include major subjects that emphasize on the diversity of influences that affect clients, and ensure that ethical responsibilities are followed in providing treatment. Individuals opting for this course will build expertise required in psychology careers, along with common practices in the counseling field.

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