When it comes to the most rewarding and exciting career choices, UX design is one of the top contenders for the title of one of the best IT careers. With an average yearly pay of $99,656, UX design leads the list as the most profitable profession in the IT sector.

As UX designers are in high demand, 87% of hiring managers search for the perfect fit for UX designer positions. With this progressive rise in the need for UX designers, you need to start investing in your possible career as a UX designer.

Rather than going for a traditional degree, you can select a UX bootcamp from our picks of the best UX design bootcamps in 2023. So let’s dive right into the specifications of different bootcamps to find out which one is best for you!

A UX design bootcamp is a comprehensive educational program that provides students with the essential information, abilities, and resources they need to succeed in the workforce. UX design focuses on the branding, usability, functionality, and design of websites, mobile applications, and other digital products and services.

UX design aims to enhance the user’s interaction with a product or service. A UX bootcamp might range from 3 months to a year.

Considering the number of UI/UX Bootcamps available, we found selecting the top 13 bootcamps challenging. The ones we finalized in our list met the following criteria:

  • Offer comprehensive UI/UX programs
  • Are taught by experienced teachers and mentors
  • Provide career counseling
  • Offer 20+ hours of class time each week for at least 8 weeks
  • Prepare the student for product designing
  • Have graduated at least one cohort of students

We have also looked for any scholarships or creative financing arrangements offered when selecting the top UX design bootcamps.

Students may swiftly acquire the skills they need to be competitive candidates in the software development industry with the help of UI/UX bootcamps.

The most notable feature is that most bootcamps need little to no coding experience. Let’s look at our list of the best UX design bootcamps.

1. UX Design Immersive Course by General Assembly

The bootcamps offered by General Assembly are well-known in the field. They provide an online bootcamp in addition to offline ones in several places across the globe.

This 14-week UX design bootcamp is perfect for beginner-level students who want to learn the foundational concepts of UX design or want to transition into a new career.

Participants attend class full-time for 8 hours a day on Monday and Friday. In addition, you will receive a certificate for completing the bootcamp and obtain access to the activities and alums of General Assembly.

It is undoubtedly one of the higher-priced bootcamps in the market, costing close to $15,000. But if you have the finances to pay the fee, you can sharpen your skills as a UX designer in no time!

2. UX Design Bootcamp by Springboard

You will have unrestricted access to a personal mentor if you enroll in Springboard’s UX Design Bootcamp, which is one of the strongest reasons to do so. You can call this industry expert as often as you’d like for guidance and input in addition to your weekly planned appointment with them.

Additionally, Springboard will assist you in demonstrating to prospective employers that you have UX design abilities. This course contains practical experience that you may include in your portfolio, as well as a capstone project and an industrial design project.

Furthermore, Springboard will refund your money if you are still looking for employment in the field of user experience design within six months of finishing this course.

This bootcamp is ideal for designers with experience in the field who want to enhance their careers. The cost of this bootcamp is $6,900, which is quite affordable. All of the principal topics of UX design are covered in detail, making it one of the best UX design bootcamps for beginners.

3. UI/UX Design Bootcamp by Designlab

DesignLab offers both full-time and part-time learning through self-paced online courses that teach in-demand UX/UI design skills. In addition, each student at DesignLab has access to a career advisor who helps them find employment for up to six months after graduation.

Most course assignments include doing something practical; students work one-on-one with top industry experts and experienced designers.

Depending on your schedule, you may participate in the mentor-led bootcamp full- or part-time for 5 or 7 months. The bootcamp’s most appealing aspect includes up to six months of career counseling, which you may utilize to identify suitable jobs and hone your interviewing techniques.

The UX Academy at Designlab has a great structure to instruct its students on becoming qualified UX designers. You can complete the course in 3 to 6 months. The pricing of the bootcamp starts at $6,249, which is average for a UX design bootcamp.

4. UX Design Bootcamp Online by BrainStation

In New York City, Miami, London, Toronto, and Vancouver, and via an online live platform, BrainStation provides full-time and part-time courses in data science, design, development, marketing, cyber security, and product.

The BrainStation UX design bootcamp is offered online and in-person in five different places worldwide. The online program comprises real-time interactive lessons and practical tasks with your cohort in breakout rooms.

UX basics, UX research strategy, and planning, user interface design, applied design thinking, and UX as a career are all covered in the course material. You can take the course full-time, with sessions every Monday through Friday, or part-time, with sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

For individuals who enjoy live, interactive learning, this 4-month program is ideal. It simulates a classroom environment online. However, if you like flexible, self-paced study, this course is perfect for you!

5. UX Design Bootcamp by CareerFoundry

The bootcamps offered by CareerFoundry have been around for a while and have grown in popularity worldwide, mainly due to their self-paced format and employment guarantee.

This 10-month bootcamp is perfect for beginner-level students as it highlights the importance of multiple elements and focuses on augmented reality to enhance the UX experience.

A personal mentor, assistance from their career services team, daily learning assistance from a tutor, and a certificate of accomplishment are all included in the program.

It is a hefty investment at roughly $7000. Nevertheless, CareerFoundry is a good choice if you’re seeking a supervised UX program that you can complete over a year.

The bootcamps offered by CareerFoundry have been around for a while and have grown in popularity worldwide, mainly due to their self-paced format and employment guarantee.

This 10-month bootcamp is perfect for beginner-level students as it highlights the importance of multiple elements and focuses on augmented reality to enhance the UX experience.

A personal mentor, assistance from their career services team, daily learning assistance from a tutor, and a certificate of accomplishment are all included in the program.

It is a hefty investment at roughly $7000. Nevertheless, CareerFoundry is a good choice if you’re seeking a supervised UX program that you can complete over a year.

6. UX Design by Designerrs Academy

UI/UX Design From Scratch and Augmented Reality in UI/UX Design are part-time bootcamps offered by Designerrs Academy that can be completed within 10 to 14 weeks.

Designers Academy’s UI/UX Design From Scratch is open to beginner-level students so they can understand the foundational concepts of UX design.

Students at Designerrs Academy receive career guidance, which includes interview advice, help with a portfolio and résumé, and mock interviews. In addition, graduates of the bootcamp will receive support with job placement.  

Lifetime access to the bootcamp live session videos is part of the tuition. The Designerrs Academy UI/UX Design From Scratch bootcamp tuition includes free access to UI kits, Figma Pro, and plugins. In addition, students who complete the UI/UX Design from the Scratch program at Designerrs Academy can obtain a digital certification.

7. UX/UI Design Academy by Flatiron School

Flatiron’s bootcamp is one of the more costly ones, costing over $16,000. Nevertheless, the program offers a number of tiered payment plans and deferred tuition, which allows you to pay the bootcamp costs (plus interest) monthly once your income reaches $3,300.

You can enroll in the bootcamp full- or part-time; the full-time program lasts six months, while the part-time program lasts eleven months. In addition, UX or UI is a specialization option – whichever option you choose; you will need to complete a 5-phase curriculum involving group projects, actual client work, and portfolio preparation.

Although there isn’t a mentor provided for the bootcamp, there is a dedicated career coach who can assist you with your CV and job interviews. A job guarantee is part of the bootcamp, but it only applies if you live in certain US cities or London, England.

Flatiron may be the best entry point for a new job chance in UX design if you have the financial means and the time to dedicate to the bootcamp (between 6 and 11 months).

8. UX Design Bootcamp by DevMountain

The DevMountain UX Design Course will instruct you on UX research, information architecture, prototyping, and how to create websites and applications over 16 weeks of part-time study. You may take this course in person, unlike the other choices mentioned in this article (an online version is also available).

Their location in Lehi, Utah, is a fantastic site for learning UX design since it provides breathtaking mountain views and the chance to interact with mentors and potential coworkers. Lessons are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for in-person or online bootcamps.

The cost of this 16-week course is affordable. The in-person bootcamp costs $4,500, while the remote bootcamp costs $7,900. The prices are reasonable compared to other bootcamp.

9. Avocademy’s UX Design Bootcamp

The foundational course for UX/UI at Avocademy lasts for 8 weeks. The curriculum’s expert-curated lessons build on one another, enabling students to quickly acquire the information and skills necessary to become a Junior UX/UI Designer. Classes for UX/UI Foundations include both text and video content.

Students evaluate their understanding of essential ideas and best practices by completing exercises based on UX/UI deliverables. They execute a complete UX/UI project throughout the 8-week course, from research through high-fidelity prototyping and testing.

Students are given unlimited one-on-one mentoring each week to get feedback on their project work and ensure they fully comprehend the course material. The cost of the bootcamp is $1,997, which is affordable.

10. UX Design Bootcamp by Mento

A multidisciplinary team of designers with prior experience at businesses like Adobe, Google, Fitbit, UiPath, and others created the UX & UI Bootcamp known as Mento Design Academy.

This bootcamp is perfect for beginner-level students as it focuses on the principles of UX designs. You will be assigned a personal mentor as part of the program, have access to a curriculum designed to meet real-world employment demands and expectations and build a strong network.

After graduating from the bootcamp, you’ll receive career help and be connected to a network of design recruiters and hiring managers. During the bootcamp, you’ll work on developing a portfolio with 2-3 real projects.

Mento costs $949 each month, which is a significant amount even if it is less than the majority of bootcamps and normally lasts for six months with a weekly time commitment of 15-20 hours.

11. UI/UX Design Bootcamp by Thinkful

Thinkful offers comprehensive UX design bootcamps, which are perfect for beginner-level students. These 5-7 month bootcamps focus on all the principal elements of UX design.

Additionally, you can get advice and assistance from seasoned designers who provide live training sessions through Thinkful. The Thinkful team also promises job networking, career help, events, and possibilities for cooperation where you may network with other designers.

You may choose the part-time bootcamp for $7,900 instead of the full-time option, which costs $12,150. Additionally, Thinkful provides discounts to women, non-binary people, and veterans, as well as flexible payment options making it one of the best UX design bootcamps on our list!

12. UX Design Bootcamp by Interaction Design Foundation (IDF)

The IDF offers UX fundamentals for all novices wishing to begin or shift into a career in UX. There are both theoretical and practical assignments. It is a 12-week curriculum that requires 8–10 hours each week of your time. Peer evaluations and one-on-one mentoring are part of it. You are also eligible for the job guarantee offered by IDF when you successfully finish three or more courses.

The design bootcamps by IDF are perfect for beginner-level students. However, if you already have the required skills, you may build on them by taking advantage of mentorship, peer evaluations, live practical workshops, and community support.

IDF offers two payment options through professional and design league membership costs $8 and $200 monthly. The pricing of the bootcamp will depend upon the duration of course completion.

13. UX/UI Design Bootcamp by Memorisely

Memorisely offers several live bootcamps on various topics, including UX/UI design, UI design, UX research, design systems, and others. Additionally, each bootcamp has a 100% completion rate, indicating that every student receives support during the program.

You will be a member of a small class of 15 students in Memorisely’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp, a 10-week rigorous course incorporating live, online sessions. As you progress, you’ll build your mobile apps for actual businesses and design portfolios for websites.

The bootcamp costs $3,750 or $375/week, which is on the pricier side, but you can opt for financing options such as deferred payment or installment payments.

When choosing the best UX design bootcamps to attend, be truthful with yourself. First, you must find out what you want to achieve by attending bootcamps.

Bootcamps offer the ideal setting where ideas may grow unrestricted, and UX aspirants can learn, make errors, and explore a new world without fear of criticism or pressure. UX aspirants may master user experience design in 3 to 12 months with rigorous training and great professional assistance.

If you only remember one thing from this post, in UX design bootcamps, you receive what you invest. You must exert yourself to ensure you get the most out of the bootcamp, regardless of which one you select.

Q:Are UX Design bootcamps worth it?

Yes, user experience (UX) design bootcamps are an increasingly wise investment. Enrollment in UX design bootcamps, with their emphasis on concentrated, hands-on, immersive learning, has increased because many employers increasingly prioritize verifiable skills and experience above mere credentialism.

Q:How much does a UI/UX bootcamp cost?

The bootcamps typically cost $9,148. However, bootcamps on the low end may be purchased for as little as a few hundred dollars. Tuition for them can go up to $16,900 on the upper end.

Q:Are there any prerequisites to taking UI/UX Bootcamp?

No, there aren’t any prerequisites for attending a UI/UX bootcamp. To become a UI UX designer, you need an eye for visual design, an awareness of human-computer interaction psychology, web design knowledge, and strong creative and technical abilities. You can acquire all these skills by attending a UX design bootcamp.

Q:Will a UI/UX bootcamp help me get a job?

Most UX bootcamps can’t be 100% certain you’ll get a job. However, they may offer you a great head start. In addition, you may ensure your success in the job hunt by picking the appropriate curriculum and performing the necessary tasks.

Q:What Is the UI/UX Bootcamp Application Process?

After searching for the UI/UX bootcamp, you can apply for it. The process involves an interview followed by payments, and you are ready to attend the bootcamp.