For those who enjoy thinking logically and working with computers, a career in software development can be very rewarding. Not only is it a well-paid profession, but there is also a great demand for skilled developers.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developers will see a 25% employment growth rate, making now the ideal moment to enter the IT sector.

Coding bootcamps can be a great way to learn programming skills and jumpstart your career in tech. But with so many bootcamps, knowing which one is right for you can take a lot of work.

But don’t worry – we’re here to help!

This blog post will share our top picks for the best coding bootcamps. So whether you’re just starting or looking to take your career to the next level, check out our list of the top coding bootcamps.

Coding bootcamps are short-term, immersive training programs that teach coding and software development skills. Many bootcamps allow students to learn hands-on, with instructors and mentors offering guidance and support throughout the learning process. They give students the skills to enter the software development industry and become successful developers.

Bootcamps range from a few weeks to a few months and offer courses in various programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. Bootcamps typically focus on project-based learning, which helps to give students the confidence and practical experience they need to succeed in a competitive job market.

Considering the number of coding bootcamps available, we found selecting the top 13 bootcamps challenging. The ones we finalized in our list met the following criteria:

  • Offers comprehensive coding programs
  •  Are taught by experienced teachers and mentors
  •  Provides career counseling
  •  Offers 20+ hours of class time each week for at least 8 weeks
  •  Prepares the student for SQL, JavaScript, and Python coding
  •  Have graduated at least one cohort of students

We also looked for any scholarships or creative financing arrangements offered when selecting the best coding bootcamps.

By teaching the necessary skills quickly, coding bootcamps enable graduates to enter the software development industries immediately.

These courses frequently include modules on the most current industry software, tools, practices, and programming languages like SQL, JavaScript, and Python. Best of all, most bootcamps require little to no coding experience.

So, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s look at our lineup of the best coding bootcamps right away.

1. Coding Bootcamp by Flatiron School

Flatiron School operates nine physical facilities and a virtual campus in the United States, so you can attend the school physically or opt for a remote learning option. The school provides software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and UX/UI design training.

Flatiron’s primary coding bootcamp and software engineering course is a 15-week program that immerses students in Javascript, Ruby on Rails, and full-stack web development. Online courses can be taken full-time, part-time, or at your own pace.

The coding bootcamp is best for those looking to break into the tech industry and learn how it works at an introductory level.

Unlike most online higher ed institutions, Flatiron School’s mission is to make higher education accessible and affordable for all. This they do by offering adaptable financing solutions, including income-share agreements to remove the financial barrier of studying – allowing students to learn a high-demand skill without burning a hole in their pockets.

The bootcamp costs $17,900, which is affordable for learning backend, frontend, and full-stack development. Other similar bootcamps cost way more, as per our research.

Even though the website doesn’t list the job placement strategies, you can schedule a call with the admission counselor and inquire about it. Overall, we highly recommend checking out this bootcamp.

2. Fullstack Academy Coding Bootcamp

Next up, we have a great bootcamp for you from Fullstack Academy. This coding bootcamp is a great way for beginners to start in computer science. Through this bootcamp, students may polish their coding skills to become coding experts. The bootcamp strictly focuses on fundamental coding topics, including JavaScript and Python.

Fullstack Academy’s coding bootcamp offers in-person and online study choices, and one can complete it within 13 to 26 weeks.

In this bootcamp, enthusiastic programmers with experience in the computer sector will teach you. They have programmed everything, from substantial open-source libraries to quantum computer simulations.
A student can pay the $14,500-$17,910 price of the Fullstack Academy coding bootcamp in cash, with a personal loan, with veteran benefits, or by applying for a scholarship. Of course, the price is relatively high, but the fact that this bootcamp offers one-on-one sessions with instructors justifies the cost.

As for job prospects, well-known companies, including the IRS, Accenture, and CIS, employ alums of the coding bootcamp. We highly recommend you check it out for yourself.

3. Coding Bootcamp by Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor offers one of the most cutting-edge coding bootcamps for beginner-level students, which also promises to help students reimagine their careers as software engineers.

800 hours or 12 weeks of the curriculum at Hack Reactor are devoted to computer science and JavaScript, which can help the students learn both programming languages from scratch.

Hack Reactor has a strict admissions procedure and looks for students with great potential in software engineering. Before applying, prospective students can take classes that will prepare them for bootcamp.
Online bootcamp is available to students who prefer online learning, but one can also attend this bootcamp physically. Best of both worlds.

Even though the coding bootcamp starts at $17,980, the financing option makes it easier to afford the bootcamp. After paying a $100 deposit, students can postpone paying their tuition under the Galvanize Income Share Agreement until they earn at least $60k annually.

How convenient is that!

In your last week of the bootcamp, you’ll collaborate with Hack Reactor’s Career Services staff to polish your résumé and online presence, practice interviews, master negotiating strategies, and prepare for your job hunt. Hack Reactor claims the employment of 79.44% of its graduates within 180 days of graduation

4. Coding Bootcamp by Lambda School (Bloom Institute of Technology)

Lambda School, now known as Bloom Institute of Technology, offers a 6-month coding bootcamp to provide beginner-level students with a solid foundation in computer science.

Students gain hands-on experience from coursework by replicating real-world situations and receive individualized support from teachers and mentors. Furthermore, during the bootcamp, students accrue over 900 hours of coding experience that can help them learn coding languages, including Python and JavaScript.

The bootcamp is online so that you can learn the coding principles from the comfort of your home.
The program starts at the hefty price of $30,000. However, the income share agreement offered by Lambda School requires no upfront payment. According to the agreement, graduates may postpone paying tuition until they make at least $50,000 annually. So, while it is costly, the income share agreement makes it somewhat affordable.

Additionally, the career development staff at Bloom Institute of Technology assists students in locating employment following the bootcamp. The group offers assistance with resumes, advice on negotiating pay, and interview preparation.

5. App Academy Coding Bootcamp

With more than 4,500 graduates, App Academy has been providing coding bootcamps for more than 10 years. The choice of a 16 or 24-week bootcamp is available to beginner-level students.

Graduates of the App Academy bootcamp have jobs at several prestigious businesses, including Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Uber.

Additionally, App Academy holds off on charging any tuition until students get work with a salary of at least $50,000 per year. Students can access a strong alumni network, online preparation courses, and career assistance programs.

App Academy offers on-site and remote learning options so you can attend the bootcamp online. The cost of the bootcamp is $17,000, which is pretty affordable for a coding bootcamp. Overall, it is definitely another great bootcamp to check out.

6. Coding Bootcamp by Thinkful

Thinkful offers remote, online, and physical coding bootcamp starting from an affordable price of $9,500. It is one of the cheapest coding bootcamp for beginner-level students, which will help them get familiar with programming languages.

This 6-month coding bootcamp will cost you between $5,000 – $10,000 depending upon the duration and complexity of the bootcamp. However, the deferred tuition strategy used by Thinkful enables students to avoid up-front fees.

In addition, Thinkful will only charge tuition if a bootcamp graduate can find employment within 6-months of graduating.

Furthermore, Thinkful’s Flexible and Full-Time Web Development Bootcamp comes with a job guarantee. 93% of its graduates land positions at Intel, BBC News, and PeopleVine.
So what are you waiting for? Enroll today!

7. Online Coding Bootcamp by Springboard

Springboard’s coding bootcamp is one of the best options for beginner-level learners. This remote, online, and self-paced bootcamp helps students learn the principle concepts of coding at a comfortable pace.

With the aid of Springboard, students may easily acquire the coding and design skills they need to start a new career in technology. Their bootcamps usually last 6 to 9 months, and the curriculum requires students to produce projects that apply to the real world.

Students get access to career coaches, counselors, mentors, and an online community that facilitates peer networking. Additionally, Springboard offers a variety of payment choices, including upfront payment, monthly payments, enrollment in a deferred tuition plan, and borrowing money.

Springboard’s coding bootcamp starts from $8,500 and is affordable, and multiple financing options further sweeten the deal for students.

The online mentor-led programs offered by Springboard will land you a job. During the job search, you will receive assistance from their career services staff and a dedicated career coach. They’ll offer realistic checkpoints to keep you on the path to success.

8. Online Coding Bootcamp by General Assembly

General Assembly offers programming bootcamps for beginner-level students to help them develop strong Python and JavaScript programming commands. One can avail of this 12-week full-time bootcamp for the starting price of $3,950, which is affordable for a bootcamp.

This course comes in both on-campus and part-time formats for convenience. In this course, you will utilize JavaScript libraries like React and apply fundamental object-oriented programming concepts.
As for the course format, General Assembly provides self-paced, online, and part-time courses that one may complete in up to 24 weeks.

Flexible payment alternatives are also offered by the General Assembly, such as deferred payment until the student finds a job that pays more than $40,000 annually or low-cost financing.
This bootcamp also allows students to work one-on-one with a career coach to comprehend the job market, identify prospects, and establish connections with the neighborhood tech scene.

9. Coding Bootcamp by Tech Talent South

With both full-time and part-time alternatives, TTS (Tech Talent South) coding bootcamps are perfectly appropriate for beginner-level students. TTS coding bootcamps last 8 to 10 weeks which is convenient for students who want to develop crucial programming skills quickly.

What’s cool about this bootcamp is that a mentor or tutor can provide quick assistance if a student struggles with a subject. After the bootcamp ended, TTS placed grads in a particular “talent pipeline,” employing business relationships to aid with job placement.

There are a few ways to pay at the institution, but most involve upfront fees or installment plans. Even though the website doesn’t list the pricing, you can discuss it with the academic counselor to develop a suitable payment option utilizing various financing options.

Although Tech Talent South does not promise employment, the bootcamp equips you with the knowledge and abilities needed to join a tech-driven organization.

10. Coding Bootcamp by LearningFuze

Offering the option of online, in-person, part-time, and full-time coding bootcamps, LearningFuze is a full-time and part-time coding bootcamp institute specializing in UI/UX design and web development. The curriculum covers various topics, including PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Amazon Web Services, and others, making it perfect for beginner to advanced-level learners.

In a 2-week preparatory class, students begin the curriculum, laying the groundwork for the bootcamp phase. Phase two is a 14-week immersion or bootcamp that focuses on project-based learning.
To get the most out of their education, participants work with coaches. In the third and final stage, students complete their projects and present them to potential employers at a Demo Day before looking for coding bootcamp jobs after class.

Employers like Zillow, Intuit, Yamaha, Nasa, Nike, Apple, and Verizon hire recent graduates due to the partnership program with the major industries looking for coding experts.
The website doesn’t list the price, so you must ask the academic counselor about the price and financing options. Overall, it is a great coding bootcamp to check out.

11. DigitalCrafts Coding Bootcamp

DigitalCrafts provides both full-time and part-time coding bootcamps for students. These bootcamps are ideal for beginner to intermediate-level learners as they focus on the basics of programming and coding languages.

Students can attend the bootcamp physically or apply for the online option. One can complete this bootcamp in 16 months (full-time) and 26 weeks (part-time).

This bootcamp is distinctive in providing students and graduates access to exclusive, recurring elective seminars that support options for continued education across a wide range of complimentary subjects.

Even though the website doesn’t list the pricing, you can discuss it with the academic counselor to develop a suitable payment option utilizing various financing options. Their committed Student Success Team will support you during class and your job search.

12. Coding Bootcamp by Nucamp

Nucamp offers bootcamps for as little as $1,480, making it one of the most affordable coding bootcamp options. This bootcamp is a practical choice for beginner-level students who want to improve their programming abilities. Coding bootcamps start every 5 weeks and can last up to 22 weeks.

Students have lifelong access to computer coding lessons, Nucamp’s online community, a 6-week professional development program, resume assistance, and career adviser support. According to Nucamp, 81% of its graduates get employment within 6 months after graduation. The bootcamps are part-time and hybrid, so students will experience physical and online classes.

13. Online Coding Bootcamp by Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo offers a coding bootcamp to beginner-level students that can help them develop their skills in programming languages. Students do not need any previous experience to attend this bootcamp.

This bootcamp lasts 12 weeks, but if a student needs time and assistance to complete the coursework, grace time is also offered. The Coding Dojo coding bootcamp aims to foster the development of coding abilities across a range of popular programming languages by providing a hands-on learning experience.

The pricing of this online bootcamp is $16,495, which is pricey. It can be paid upfront or through personal loans. Furthermore, scholarships are available for those making less than $40,000 yearly, women, minorities, veterans, and students looking for career reinvention.

Coding Dojo gives pupils an advantage by providing skills and career counseling. They claim to have assisted graduates in obtaining employment at some of the most coveted IT firms in the world, such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

If you are looking for a coding bootcamp, there is no shortage of great programs. We have highlighted some of the best coding bootcamps in the country, but many others deserve mention. Do your research and find the program that fits your needs and goals.

Like other professions in the IT sector, coding offers plenty of opportunities for learning and development while also being intriguing and rewarding. So if this interests you, choose a bootcamp from our list of the top 13 coding bootcamps, and get ready to enter the ever-evolving field of computer sciences.

We hope our blog provided you with the solutions you sought. Feel free to browse our website to get whatever information you want regarding other bootcamps.

Q: Are coding bootcamps worth it?

Yes, for a lot of students. For the appropriate candidate, coding bootcamps may be a good investment. Working tech professionals looking to switch careers, college graduates with non-technical degrees, and tech-savvy people looking for credentials to increase their employability are all frequent participants in bootcamps.

Q: How to apply for a coding bootcamp?

After searching for the coding bootcamp, you can simply apply for it. The process involves an interview followed by payments, and you are ready to attend the bootcamp.

Q: How much does a coding bootcamp cost on average?

Costs for coding bootcamps vary depending on the length of the program, the content covered, and whether you study full- or part-time. However, according to Forbes Advisor research, the average cost of a bootcamp in 2022 is $10,762.

Q: Are there any prerequisites to taking a coding bootcamp?

Most coding bootcamps welcome complete novices and do not need any prior knowledge of computer programming languages. However, students with a rudimentary understanding of coding often find it simpler to follow the program.

Q: How likely am I to get a job after a coding bootcamp?

Very! Over 80% of graduates from the top coding bootcamps find employment within 6-months of graduation.