SQL is a powerful language used to unlock data secrets stored in databases. It allows skilled individuals to craft tailor-made queries, allowing them to zero in on important information and structure it to be utilized more effectively. With SQL, database administrators can transform complicated data arrays into meaningful insights.

SQL is the secret weapon behind many of our favorite websites and apps. It can swiftly crunch small and large data sets, from mere thousands to an astonishing 100 million records, in no time!

At a SQL programming Bootcamp, students have the chance to transform data into meaningful insights – equipping them with essential skills in this powerful language.

From cloud computing to engineering, SQL is the go-to programming language for tech jobs requiring data analysis and management. With so many opportunities in today’s digital age, everyone should try this powerful programming tool! SQL developers can earn a highly competitive wage – the median yearly salary is an impressive $79,543!

But with so many bootcamps available, it can take time to find the right one. To make it easier for you, we have shortlisted 13 of the best SQL bootcamps to help you kickstart your career in data science.

A SQL bootcamp is an intense and immersive learning experience designed to teach the fundamentals of Structured Query Language (SQL). It provides a comprehensive overview of the SQL language and its applications and hands-on practice and guidance in developing relational databases.

A SQL bootcamp typically consists of lectures, labs, and projects designed to give learners the skills they need to use SQL in their day-to-day activities confidently.

Through lectures and exercises, learners learn to write SQL queries and gain a better understanding of database management systems. In addition, they also acquire knowledge in creating tables and views, manipulating data, and using functions to manipulate tables.

Through lab and project work, learners gain practical experience working with SQL and a deeper understanding of database structure and design. After completing a SQL Bootcamp, participants will have the skills necessary to work with databases confidently and the ability to use SQL to develop applications.

Considering the number of SQL Bootcamps available, we found it challenging to select the top 13 bootcamps. The ones we finalized in our list met the following criteria:

  • Offers comprehensive SQL programs
  •  Are taught by experienced teachers and mentors
  •  Provides career counseling
  •  Offers 20+ hours of class time each week for at least 8 weeks
  •  Prepares the student for querying using SQL
  •  Have graduated at least one cohort of students

We also looked for any scholarships or creative financing arrangements offered when selecting the best SQL Bootcamps.

With SQL bootcamps, students can quickly gain the necessary skills to become an SQL developer in software development industries. In just a short period of time, they’ll have all that’s needed to start their successful careers!

The best aspect is that most bootcamps need little to no coding expertise. After clarifying everything, let’s look at our ranking of the best SQL bootcamps.

1. Data Science Bootcamp by Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo’s data science and machine learning bootcamps are designed to get coders of any skill level up to speed on SQL. Over 12–16 weeks, learners devote 20–39 hours each week to acquiring new knowledge – focusing on relational databases and query writing during weeks 11–13.

Coding Dojo offers a comprehensive bootcamp to help you start your journey into programming—the perfect way for newbies or veterans alike to level up their skill set. No exam is required, and the average price of $8,745 unlocks access in-person, remotely, and online from anywhere in the world!

2. Complete SQL + Databases Bootcamp by Zero to Mastery

This comprehensive course takes students through databases, beginning with fundamental principles and progressing to more advanced analytical functions. By exploring both simple conditional expressions and complex recursive queries, learners understand how powerful relational database systems operate – leaving them equipped for even the most challenging challenges!

Take your first steps into SQL with this one-of-a-kind bootcamp! With 26 hours of video instruction, it’s the perfect way to get up to speed no matter what level you’re starting from – and at just $39.00 a month, there’s never been an easier or more affordable time for beginners to learn about databases.

3. Data Science Bootcamp by BrainStation

BrainStation’s data science bootcamp is an excellent opportunity to join the ranks of 25,000+ alums and expand your coding skillset with SQL. Invite yourself to an international network of fellow learners!

At BrainStation, students explore the exciting world of data science. From Python programming to MySQL databases and Tableau dashboard insights, they are equipped with the skills needed for a data modeling, analysis, and visualization career. Their bootcamps provide an immersive experience in this dynamic field! Career counselors help students prepare for the job through seminars and one-on-one conversations.

The bootcamp is offered remotely and online, or you can attend physical classes on San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, and New York City campuses. The bootcamp is $15,000, which is on the pricier side. Financing options are not listed on the website, but you can discuss them with an academic counselor.

4. Data Science Bootcamp by Flatiron School

Flatiron School offers comprehensive data science bootcamps for ambitious students looking to jumpstart their careers. With full-time and part-time options and personalized support ranging from one-on-one coaching sessions to a network of employment partners, these intensive programs can equip graduates with the skills they need in 15-60 weeks!

In this course, students gain an understanding of relational databases and SQL data organization – skills that can help prepare them for a lucrative career. With 86% of 2019 graduates from Flatiron School finding job opportunities and earning an average hourly wage of $33, these essential lessons indeed pay off!

One can attend Flatiron School’s data science bootcamp online or remotely with full and part-time options. This bootcamp costs $16,900, which is on the pricier side.

5. Introduction to Databases and SQL by Raspberry Foundation & NCCE

Through the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s comprehensive course, students gain an understanding of databases and all their applications. Students learn essential techniques like SQL data manipulation and database searching to power up their research abilities!

This course is perfect if you want to get ahead of the game and avoid learning SQL for database setup! Students of all ages can join in – from GCSE level up. Don’t miss your chance at getting a head start with databases – enroll now!

For just $27.99 a month, you can join this 3-week SQL bootcamp and become an expert quickly! This budget-friendly program is the perfect way to get ahead of the competition at lightning speed.

6. Data Science Bootcamp by The Tech Academy

The Tech Academy offers a range of flexible learning options for those hoping to kickstart their tech career. Many options are available, from self-paced online courses to part-time programs that deliver results in as little as 10 weeks! And don’t worry about the cost—the investment is well worth it!

The Tech Academy understands the financial challenge of pursuing higher education and offers options to help lighten that load. Students can benefit from low-cost borrowing opportunities or even put off payment until they have secured a job earning over $40,000.

7. Complete SQL Mastery by Mosh

Technology professionals and computer science students are invited to explore the depths of relational databases with this course. From SQL basics for those new to queries to honing experienced developers’ abilities – all will benefit from a deeper understanding of how these powerful tools work!

In this course, learning opportunities are limitless! From the basics to more advanced levels, students can explore and master their query writing skills. Armed with the knowledge that will stay with them forever, they’ll gain confidence in constructing queries at any stage of their journey.

It works well for people with no development experience and those with some. There is no prerequisite. Therefore, students with expertise may start at the application module corresponding to their present skill level.

The 170 lectures, 11 hours of video, and 40 hours of problems and solutions are all accessible to students and may be finished in their own time. The cost begins at $19 monthly, making this course even more desirable.

8. SQL Fundamentals by Dataquest

The Dataquest SQL Fundamentals course introduces students to basic SQL syntax and instructions, similar to other introductory courses. One of the main subjects is querying data, where students learn how to utilize string patterns and range to query data and create queries to extract and analyze real-world datasets from authentic SQL databases.

Through hands-on practice, they’ll become experts at interrogating databases using strings patterns and ranges – ensuring that statistically relevant information is within reach.

This budget-friendly bootcamp provides an intensive 1-month course to learn the SQL language. Not only is it a fast-track experience that fits into any schedule, but you can also get started for just $49!

9. Excel to MySQL by Duke University

Excel to MySQL Bootcamp is an excellent opportunity for students to hone valuable data analysis and business problem-solving skills. They’ll learn how best to use, manage, and communicate important information sourced from SQL databases – essential tools used by modern businesses of all sizes across the globe. Plus, utilize Excel’s robust suite of analytic functions and practice data visualization techniques while learning key metrics that drive a success!

This course is the perfect opportunity for those looking to become more well-versed in business and understand how SQL works. Business owners, analysts, or those interested in moving into a business administration role can use it to gain knowledge that will aid them in driving remarkable transformations within their process.

This course allows you to become an expert in 7 months, and all it takes is 4 hours of your time each week at the flexible cost of $39-$89 per month.

10. An Introductory Guide to SQL by Educative

Unlike the majority of platforms for online learning, Educative provides text-based courses rather than video courses. Students learn through text-based training and built-in exams that result in completion certificates.

Students practice running SQL queries in browser-based live coding environments with real-time results. Basic and advanced SQL principles are addressed, among other things.

Reading and writing instructions are the best ways for SQL newbies to learn. Therefore, this curriculum is given as text-based lessons instead of a video course.

This 13-hour course is a monthly subscription for a reasonable price of $16.66.

11. Data Analyst Bootcamp by Thinkful

The data analytics bootcamps offered by Thinkful train students for careers using SQL in 4-6 months.
According to information provided to the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting, 78% of Thinkful’s 2019 online data analytics bootcamp alums found employment within 180 days of finishing the program and made a median annual salary of $60,450.

Online students who study part-time complete the degree in 24 months, while full-time students need 16 weeks to complete it.

Overall, it is an awesome bootcamp to check out!

12. Software Engineering Bootcamp by Springboard

Springboard’s Software Engineering Bootcamp immerses students into 800 hours of intensive learning, with topics ranging from front-end and back-end development to Node, Express, ReactJS, and Redux. All this is guided by Colt Steele – a renowned coding mentor known for his top-notch teaching skills!

Springboard’s Software Engineering Bootcamp allows ambitious students to transform their coding skills into a professional portfolio of real-world projects. Plus, they connect learners with experienced mentors from the industry who can provide tailored advice on everything from technical tasks and coursework to career growth strategies.

The training lasts 9 months and takes 20 to 25 hours each week. The starting price of this bootcamp is an average of $9,900. Overall, it is worth checking out.

13. Data Analytics Bootcamp by General Assembly

The data analytics bootcamp at General Assembly includes SQL, Excel, and Tableau. Lessons cover all areas of data analysis, including collecting, cleaning, and visualization. Professionals can continue working while attending a 10-week evening bootcamp or a one-week intensive bootcamp through the part-time approach.

After completing the course at General Assembly, alums have succeeded with prominent companies such as Cognizant, Twitter, Bloomberg, and GE. Learn how their experience has helped them reach new career heights!

For your convenience, this course offers both on-campus and part-time choices. Regarding the course’s format, General Assembly provides self-paced, online, and part-time programs that one can finish in as little as 10 weeks.

The cost of the bootcamp is $3,950, which is affordable. The General Assembly also provides flexible payment options, such as low-cost borrowing or deferring payment until the student finds a job that earns more than $40,000.

Additionally, this bootcamp enables students to work one-on-one with a career coach to grasp the job market, pinpoint opportunities, and build relationships with the local tech community.

Structured query language, generally known as SQL, is used by many organizations to manage and query data that records sales and consumers. As a result, this programming language has a wide range of practical applications in e-commerce, bookkeeping, and marketing.
SQL bootcamps lead to job opportunities, and you can work as SQL developers, SQL analysts, and SQL database administrators. We hope this blog helped you learn more about regular employment for bootcamp grads and the best SQL bootcamps to help start an exciting career!
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Q: Is a SQL bootcamp worth it?

Yes. As you can learn the basics of SQL faster than a college degree, SQL bootcamps are worth your time and money.

Q: Are there any prerequisites to taking SQL Bootcamp?

No, there are no prerequisites for taking a SQL bootcamp. Most of the institutes offer bootcamp catered to the needs of beginner-level learners, but if you understand the basics of programming, it will be easier for you to finish the bootcamp.

Q: How much does a SQL bootcamp cost?

The average cost of a SQL bootcamp is around $10,000 and $15,000, but some institutes offer bootcamps at a significantly higher price which can go up to $20,000.

Q: Will a SQL bootcamp help me get a job?

Yes. Over 80% of graduates from the top Java bootcamps find employment within 6-months of graduation.

Q: What Is the SQL Bootcamp Application Process?

After searching for the SQL bootcamp, you can apply for it. The process involves an interview followed by payments, and you are ready to attend the bootcamp.