Financial Aid

Here are some financial aid options available to students at William Carey University:

Endowed Scholarships
  • Endowed Scholarships are a form of financial aid granted by alumni/donors to universities, often to support specific causes. Here are a few endowed scholarships you can avail of as a student at William Carey, if you meet the eligibility criteria:
  • The Alumni Scholarship
  • The Ambrose Memorial Art Scholarship
  • The Virginia Angelico And Joseph Franklin Tatum Scholarship
  • The Asbury Endowed Com Scholarship
  • The John Ashcroft Endowed Scholarship
  • The Lillian Lott Aultman Memorial Scholarship
  • The Howard Wilson Bahr Scholarship
  • The Bessie Misterfeldt Bailey Memorial Fund
  • The Dr. Bill And Jill Baker Endowed Scholarship
  • The Bryant Barnes Endowed Scholarship
  • The Robert E. Barnes Endowed Scholarship
  • The Sally Hartness Batson Memorial Scholarship
  • The Trugen Beard Ministerial Scholarship
  • The Quentin And Luella Benedict Scholarship
  • The Vermester Bester And Linda Jackson Scholarship
  • The Bill And Linda Boulton Scholarship
  • The Theodore And Janie Bower Endowed Scholarship
  • The Rex Braswell Work And Service Scholarship
  • The Dorothy Breland Scholarship In Medical Technology
  • The Jennie Lou Breland Music Scholarship and many more….
Restricted Scholarships
  • Restricted scholarships are a form of financial aid with specific eligibility criteria, usually based on students’ backgrounds or subject/career choices. Here are a few restricted scholarships you could benefit from as a student at William Carey, if you meet the eligibility criteria:
  • The Grace Sellers Chain Scholarship
  • The Alon And Edna Colletti Scholarship
  • The A.M. Tate Legacy Scholarship
  • The Bob Crumpton Scholarship
  • The Coca-Cola Scholarship
  • The Debra Herring Scholarship For Education Majors
  • The Rev. E. L. Howard And Mrs. Geneva Howard Scholarship
  • The Lydia Maria Inglis-Redondo Scholarship For Study In Spain
  • The Robert G. Lightsey Memorial Music Restricted Scholarship
  • The Wallace M. And Jackie T. Malone Choral Scholarship
  • The Lois Mckenzie Humanitarian Com Restricted Scholarship
  • The Dorothea Van Deusen Opdyke Scholarship
  • The Doris Schneider Award In Technical Theatre
  • The Chad Shepherd Restricted Scholarship
  • Darvin K. Sproat And Hedwig Holstein Sproat Restricted Scholarship
  • The Mary Stewart Restricted Scholarship
  • The Gordon H. White Community Leadership Scholarships
  • The Robison Family Restricted Nursing Scholarship
  • The William Carey University Cultural Society Alumni Chapter Restricted Scholarship and many more…
Mission Funds
  • At William Carey, many financial aid opportunities are available to fund students’ Christian mission endeavors. These include:
  • The Byrd Sisters Fund For Student Missions
  • The Steve Ford Memorial Florida Acteens Scholarship
  • The International Missions Scholarship
  • The Lanny Irwin Endowed Mission Fund
  • The Kathy Webb Randolph Student Missions Endowment
  • The Gillespie Mission Fund

*All university-based scholarships are housed by a selection committee that accepts student applications and determines eligibility for the awards.


Admissions at William Carey University are competitive, but the process is fairly simple. The admission requirements may vary based on the program and degree level. Decisions regarding admissions at William Carey are based on multiple factors. To enroll in a degree program, you may require to submit the following documents:

  • Official ACT or SAT scores
  • Official high school transcript that includes graduation date, class rank, and GPA. (An official transcript is one that has been mailed or electronically sent directly from the institution to William Carey University.)
  • Notarized high school transcript for homeschooled students
  • Official GED transcript (minimum score of at least 150 on all four content areas with a total score of 600
  • Official and final college transcripts for high school dual credit classes
  • Official and final AP Credit course transcripts and scores

Military Benefits

William Carey University offers numerous benefits to enrolled military/veteran students. These include:

  • Discounted tuition rate offered for most courses
  • Coverage available for books, supplies, and any materials required for training courses and/or exams through Credentialing Assistance
  • VA Education Benefits, Federal Tuition Assistance, and Credentialing Assistance accepted: up to $4k per year
  • Assistance with TA & VA benefits
  • Additional financial support available for members of the MS National Guard
  • On-campus VA & National Guard representatives + additional veteran and military student services

These benefits are offered to all military students and veterans, and also extend to their families. To avail of these benefits, military students at William Carey only need to meet the following criteria:

  • Military personnel or their dependent
  • Full or part-time student
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree-seeking student
  • 2.50 minimum cumulative GPA
  • In-person or online courses

Here's why William Carey University is worth your while

William Carey University offers a host of benefits that few other colleges provide.
Here are some of these benefits.

  • Small class sizes for personalized learning
  • Diverse student body from 50+ countries
  • Benefit from WCU’s scholarship opportunities*
  • Affordable tuition rates to make higher education easier
  • Earn your degree sooner through accelerated programs at WCU**

*subject to eligibility criteria

**subject to WCU’s academic policy