Financial Aid

UAGC offers a variety of payment options and resources to help you pay for college.

Here are some forms of aid you may be eligible for as a UAGC student:


UAGC offers various merit-based scholarships, each with varying criteria. Additionally, on enrollment at UAGC, students get access to ScholarshipUniverse – a platform that makes finding and applying for external scholarship opportunities easier and faster.


Grants for online college at UAGC may be available to alumni, first-year students, and employees of companies that have partnered with UAGC. Each online grant available from UAGC has unique and specific eligibility requirements.

Employer Savings

UAGC has partnered with 1,500+ government agencies, large corporations, and businesses of all sizes to provide top talent with a life-changing opportunity to earn a college degree with little or no new loan debt.

As of 2022, 86% of UAGC students obtain grants or scholarships, 52% obtain Federal Pell Grants, and 49% obtain federal student loans.

*The amount available through financial aid may vary, with different eligibility requirements and disbursement methods.

Military Benefits

The University of Arizona Global Campus is committed to helping Service members, Veterans, and their families obtain their college degrees.

The following benefits are provided to students with military affiliation who enroll at UAGC:

  • Grants for eligible military students
  • Reduced tuition rates
  • Credit for military experience
  • Specialized military advisors to provide support from Day 1 to graduation and even beyond

In addition, UAGC is also a Yellow Ribbon school. This allows UAGC to provide VA education benefits in accordance with the Yellow Ribbon program.

These and related benefits are offered to eligible students with military affiliations, such as:

  • Active Duty (Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Space Force)
  • Reservists
  • Veterans

Here's why UAGC is worth your while

UAGC offers a host of benefits that few other colleges provide.
Here are some of these benefits.

  • Generous Transfer Policy
  • Accelerated 5 to 6-week degree courses*
    * Varies with course level.
  • 50 Start Dates per year
  • No Additional Application Fees
  • No Standardized Test Scores required for admission