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    When embarking on your academic journey, it's essential to consider the many factors that can affect your education and career options. It helps to factor in all the advantages of studying at the universities that interest you, to then decide if they're a good fit for you

    South University's online degree programs are designed to provide you with the flexibility to study and attend online classes from the comfort of your home.

    Here's why South University is worth your while

    South University offers a host of benefits that few other colleges provide.
    Here are some of these benefits.

    • Flexible Online Experience
    • Generous Transfer Policy
    • Over a Century of Experience in Imparting Quality Education
    • Additional Benefits for Military Personnel, Veterans, and their Families
    • SAT/ACT Neither required nor recommended
    • $0 Application Fee

    Student Survey Results

    • 77%

      of students agree that South University professors put a lot of effort into teaching their classes.

    • 94%

      of students agree that it is easy to get the classes they want at South University.

    • 88%

      of students agree that the workload for South University courses is easy to manage.

    South University is committed to providing its online students with access to resources and support to help them earn their degrees and work toward successful careers. South University provides a range of services which include the following:

    • Live technical support is available by phone 6 days a week, from morning to noon. The ticket system for students is available 24/7
    • Extensive online library databases, research guides, and more
    • A librarian available to answer questions and offer research support
    • Academic advising and on-demand tutoring
    • Career services to help students pursue their professional goals

    In addition to this, South University has a dedicated online learning platform called Brightspace which provides a host of features to enhance the online learning experience:

    • Advanced media content
    • Personalized navigation
    • Easy-to-use online learning atmosphere
    • Access to digital books
    • Emailing and instant messaging options

    If you're a student looking to pursue further education, and eventually a career in healthcare or nursing, then South University might be the college you're looking for.