Interested in learning how businesses function and how companies make money, but are not sure about how to go about taking the first step? We’ve got just the course for you. Before you decide to enroll for a bachelor’s degree, opt for an online business associate’s course right after graduating from high school.

Explore various online business associate’s programs and find the one that is best-suited to your needs.

An associate’s degree functions as a stepping stone between to a full-fledged bachelor’s degree, while also laying the foundation of a solid professional career. An associate’s degree in business will help you understand the nitty-gritty of the business world, along with giving you weeks of technical training needed to run a successful business enterprise.

What can I expect with an Online Business Associate’s Degree Program?

An online business associate’s program helps students gain a deeper understanding of various aspects of business, including accounting, finance, sales, marketing, and a lot more. Certain specialized courses also offer education in specific subjects such as human resources, project management, economics, and even entrepreneurship. An associate’s degree in business will train you to become an in-demand professional who can help companies manage their day-to-day operations and take key business decisions on a regular basis.
Most online associate courses are 60-credit programs that are available and accessible on the college websites 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The duration of these courses ranges anywhere from 16 to 20 months, if you’re attending full-time without any breaks.

What courses can I opt for in a Business Associate’s Degree Program?

A business associate’s degree offers various courses and specializations to choose from. Some of the popular ones include:

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AAS Business

With an associate's degree in business, students get to learn all about the essentials of business management, like sales, marketing, communications, accounting, and data analysis. The program also offers essential insights in business law, information technology, along with softer skills like building teams, problem solving, and ethics.

With an associate's degree in business, students can pursue a career within various fields as well as institutes like business corporations, manufacturing companies, real estate firms, financial institutions, and even insurance companies. This course opens career avenues for you that are not available to you with just a highschool diploma.

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AAS Accounting

If you’re interested in accounting, then an Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) in accounting could be the right fit for you. For entry level jobs in payroll management or budget analysis, this degree comes in handy as you take the next step in your accounting career.

An AAS in Accounting allows students to build skills to handle diverse accounting roles such as bookkeeping, payroll, budget analysis, tax preparation, financial records, and auditing while gaining in-depth knowledge on the subjects. The AAS program helps build the foundation that you need to pursue additional education opportunities like a bachelor’s degree program, or even appear for the CPA exam in the future. It is safe to say that this course ensures that doors for career opportunities in the manufacturing, retail, government and service industry sectors are wide open.

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AAS Digital Marketing

Looking for an associate's degree that helps you acquire the skills needed to land an entry-level digital marketing job? Then you must treat an AAS in Digital Marketing as your prime option.

Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) in Digital Marketing allows students to understand the key aspects of digital marketing - such as search engine optimization, digital analytics, social media, and marketing strategy - and apply this knowledge on the job. With this program, students get to educate themselves with various technologies and techniques that are deployed to engage with potential customers, and retain existing consumers. This gives students a chance to learn how businesses use various stages, channels, and practices to succeed. All this happens in addition to learning how to understand and analyze web data and other, key website-focused skills

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AAS Human Resource Specialist

An associate's degree in Human Resources Specialist offers individuals the opportunity to gain the knowledge to function in administrative, clerical, and other front-facing environments in various industries. Students will get to learn how HR professionals carry out hiring practices, manage benefits compensation and payroll, and what is expected of them in other human resources generalist roles. These positions are needed in almost every company, regardless of whichever industry or sector they're in.

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AAS Office Management

The main focus of the Office Management associate's degree is to teach skills that are essential to operate in today’s modern office environment. Individuals interested in this course get an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of administrative assistants, along with gaining extensive knowledge and experience in electronic correspondence, virtual/wireless technology and mobile computing. Post graduation, individuals are well-versed in utilizing the latest technology to connect, support, and coordinate with workers in remote locations. An associate's degree program ensures students are prepared for all kinds of business environments.

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