Online bootcamps have become a very popular option for students who want to develop, within a short span of time, specialized skills that they will need to progress in their careers in tech. Bootcamps equipping you with much sought after technical skills not only have short program durations but are also light on the pocket.

Considering the type of knowledge delivered, most recruiters prefer students who’ve recently attended a coding bootcamp, are well-versed with the latest in programming, and have acquired the right skills needed to perform the job.

Team CollegEnroll has collated a key list of 7 companies that hire bootcamp grads and are ready to take up the next step in their careers:

The following is a list of seven companies that hire bootcamp graduates.

Warner Media is one of the biggest media conglomerates of the world. If you like superhero movies and Adult Swim cartoons, or prefer news media outlets like CNN, you’re probably watching content created by Warner Media.

As a company, Warner Media offers numerous benefits, as well as various employee volunteer events, donation programs, and even paid time off for volunteering. The company also invests in its employees’ professional development by providing leadership coaching and an annual Shape Your Story Week – a five-day program that encapsulates learning, development, well-being, and speaker sessions.

An American video hosting, sharing, and service platform, Vimeo, Inc. is headquartered in New York City. The company focuses on HD video delivery across a range of devices. If you get hired by Vimeo after a coding bootcamp, you are offered numerous benefits including health insurance, generous maternity and paternity leave, free lunches and snacks, and retirement benefits like the 401(k) plan.

The company is highly invested in employee development and provides on-the-job training along with a diversity program.

Slack is one of the most popular collaborative communication platforms in the world today. Slack has made everyone’s lives simpler with its channel-based messaging capabilities, making teams more responsive and productive. If you’re a Slack employee, you get the full gamut of benefits and perks including gym membership, 401(k) matching, 100% medical and dental coverage, generous PTO, and much more.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is a multinational professional services network of firms that operate as partnerships under the PwC brand. The company is the second-largest professional services network in the world and is one of the Big Four accounting firms (alongside Deloitte, EY, and KPMG).

If you’re hired by PwC after programming or coding bootcamp, you’re in luck. The company provides lucrative annual remuneration, invests in your health and well-being with insurance programs, and provides student loan paydown facilities, along with family support programs that let you spend time with your loved ones on special occasions.

IBM is one of the biggest names in tech. The company researches, develops, manufactures, and markets a plethora of technology products – from mainframe computers to cognitive solutions. Their benefits package is robust and highly focused on their employees’ progress.

IBM offers constant immersion in an international community of tech experts. This directly translates to networking opportunities with other like-minded tech enthusiasts, along with endless opportunities to learn, grow, and climb the corporate ladder.

A holistic digital marketing platform, Mailchimp allows users to create and track email campaigns, landing pages, and a lot more through its marketing CRM and content creation tools. Mailchimp’s offices are based out of Atlanta, Brooklyn, Oakland, and Vancouver, and the company offers a wide variety of internships and software engineering roles.

Mailchimp offers its employees a wide range of benefits such as setting up conferences, internal apprenticeships, unconscious bias training, as well as upskilling through Mailchimp University. The company also provides employee-centric benefits such as ample parental leave and retirement benefits like the 401(k) program.

The Home Depot is the 5th largest e-commerce retailer in the U.S. and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company serves millions of people worldwide, and it’s interesting to note that 90% of their code is written in-house by their software engineers.

So if you’ve recently attended a coding bootcamp, this is one of the companies that must feature on the top of your job-hunt list. While benefits like 401(k) matching, paid parental leave, and on-the-spot rewards are available, The Home Depot also offers perks like dollar-for-dollar matches for nonprofit organizations, discounts on your telecommunication bills, and even pet insurance.

Online bootcamps are a flexible, quick, and cost-efficient method to gain and hone in-demand technical skills and either launch your career in tech or take it to the next level. With big names in the industry offering lucrative jobs to students who’ve graduated from coding or programming bootcamps, these programs have made their mark.

In conclusion, companies are recognizing the value of bootcamp graduates as valuable assets to their team, with many well-known companies hiring them and reporting positive results. Bootcamp graduates have the skills and drive to succeed in the tech industry.

We hope this article helps you identify some of these companies that hire bootcamp grads so that you can take the next step in your professional journey.