Are you looking for a career in tech, cyber security, or online infrastructure? Does working with computers and software excite you enough to make a career out of it? If yes, then this one’s especially for you. Discover the wide range of job opportunities that an IT degree can open up for you! Explore our guide to the top jobs with an IT degree to find your ideal career path.

The IT industry is booming and so is the demand for professionals with an advanced IT degree. The Information Technology industry is one of the biggest in the world, with massive scope for growth and lucrative salaries. Confused about how a degree in IT can help? The CollegEnroll team is here to help!

With the world hooked on apps for just about everything, being a mobile app developer is all about being in the right place at the right time. From having an app to look for directions to ordering food from the comfort of your home, apps have paved the way for the next technological advancement. As a mobile app developer, you will be required to 

  • understand client requirements to make the app and 
  • develop, implement, and maintain it for mobile devices. 

This lets you work with other like-minded developers who consistently help you hone your technical skills. 

Web developers are as much in demand as mobile app developers, which is why it continues to remain a viable career option for an IT degree holder. Web developers are responsible for ‘all things website’– right from designing it, to coding and modifying it. They are also responsible for the website layout and its optimal functionality based on the client’s requirements. This is one job profile that makes the most of your technical and creative skills as you have to make websites visually appealing, and technically sound. Interesting, isn’t it?

A popular, lucrative career option for an IT degree holder is to become an IT consultant. In this role, you’ll get the opportunity to work with everyone, from startups to midsize companies to large business organizations. You would be required to 

  • make technical recommendations regarding system upgrades, 
  • weigh in on the cost efficiency of the system or 
  • train personnel on using certain systems and dashboards.
  • If it’s a small to midsize firm, you also get to help the firm set up and maintain the entire IT infrastructure of the company. 

As a consultant, you also get the freedom of working from anywhere and deciding if you’d like to work full-time with a company or freelance with many companies. 

Maintaining the records of hundreds of thousands of patients in big hospitals is not easy. It is critical to feed in and maintain the personal medical records of each patient, and it’s a task that cannot be done manually. This is why having an IT professional on board is vital in the health industry. A health IT professional’s basic job entails

  • organizing and managing patient data
  • making sure all IT equipment is performing optimally
  • ensuring that the hospital’s network keeps functioning at all times. 

As an IT professional in the healthcare sector, you could be employed at hospitals, private clinics, or any healthcare facility big enough to accommodate multiple patients at once. 

Another lucrative profession in the field of IT is cloud engineering. As a cloud engineer, you become a professional who is equipped to 

  • design, implement, and maintain cloud-based systems for all kinds of businesses. 
  • You would be required to make cloud applications, and are responsible for migrating existing system applications to the cloud and debugging cloud stacks. 

Many big companies employ cloud engineers as most of their data is hosted on cloud-based applications and they need skilled professionals to maintain these systems. 

In this digital age, cyber security has become a matter of rising concern. There’s a high demand for IT professionals who can deal with data theft, cyber-bullying, identity theft, hacking, and fraud. Such professionals, called computer forensic analysts, help law enforcement collect digital evidence and solve cases related to cybercrime. This job role also includes analyzing emails, computer files, and digital data to look for substantial evidence. 

If solving mysteries while working with computers excites you, then this could be a great option for you.

Last but not least, let’s talk about network analysts. Network analysts are responsible for 

  • the installation, layout, and maintenance of the entire network infrastructure of the company.
  • As a network analyst, you would plan, analyze, design, and offer technical support and advice for the data communication networks of the company.

The world is advancing faster than we can keep up with. With the ever-increasing scope for work in the IT space, most companies will continue to look out for IT degree holders who are meticulous, can multitask, and bring unique technical skills to the table.

  • Individuals with an IT degree are much in demand, considering the wide range of job opportunities the space has to offer. The article highlights a few career options that you could consider if you have an advanced degree in Information Technology.
  • Popular career choices include being a mobile app developer, a web developer or an IT consultant. These career choices usually pay well and allow you to consistently put your technical and creative skills to use.
  • You could also consider a career in cloud engineering, computer forensics or network analysis. These are lucrative options that let you work with technology that’s constantly evolving, allowing you to hone your technical skills.