Signing up for an online bootcamp to polish your existing skills and gain new, in-demand ones is a great move. If you want to make a solid career in tech, you must consider enrolling in a coding bootcamp – it opens up career avenues for you that would have been unavailable to you before.

In case you’re wondering what kind of coding bootcamp jobs can be accessed or the next career move you can take post-bootcamp, we’re here to help you out. Team CollegEnroll has put together a list of jobs after coding bootcamp.

One of the most lucrative job opportunities that will come your way after coding bootcamp is a full stack developer – trained to build sites and applications, and understand the process of designing, coding, and updating both the user-facing (front end) and the website infrastructure (back end). Developers may also be expected to collaborate with external teams or clients in various stages of web development to ensure a website is designed efficiently and functions without any issues.

While certain coding bootcamps offer full stack development that equips you with the right knowledge and skills for both sides of development, some specifically focus on front-end languages like HTML and CSS, and others on back-end languages like C++ and Python. The average salary of a full stack developer can go up to $111,591 per annum.

Another interesting option available to you after coding bootcamp is web development. If you’ve always wanted to know what goes behind building a website, this might just be your calling. The basic function of a web developer is to write codes for a website, along with testing and troubleshooting interactivity.

They are also required to use CSS to create an attractive design and ensure that the website functions effectively. The average annual salary for a web developer is around $78,409. Students at a programming or coding bootcamp get to understand basic and advanced techniques for HTML and CSS, along with user interface, experience design, and accessibility.

If you’re someone who has a knack for problem-solving, then application development could be the right fit for you. As an app developer, you will be responsible for coding, designing, testing, revising, optimizing, and monitoring software applications for computers and mobile devices.

With a coding bootcamp, you will be offered an in-depth understanding of a number of coding languages, best-in-class testing processes, and refine your problem-solving capabilities. The annual average salary of an application developer is $91,302.

Development operations engineering has become one of the most sought-after professions, along with becoming one of the highest paid jobs in tech – the average salary of a DevOps engineer is around $125,636 per annum. As a DevOps engineer, you will be the coordinating contact between the development and operations teams and will help both teams with brainstorming, collaboration, and relaying feedback.

Sometimes, DevOps engineers can also set and promote team goals, assign responsibilities, and share the right information with the relevant team members who need to make key decisions. If you attend a coding bootcamp, you learn software development as well as operations in depth and understand how coding works for both teams.

With a coding bootcamp, you can break into careers in web designing as well. You can choose to either be a user interface designer or a user experience designer. A UI designer collaborates with designers from external teams to create designs that are attractive and fully functional.

Post bootcamps, UI designers are well-versed in how to complete A/B testing, apply design principles, understand the interaction between code and design, and analyze user feedback data effectively. UX designers tend to collaborate with designers and web developers from external teams to build products like websites and apps.

As a UX designer, you’ll be responsible for assessing user needs, testing digital solutions based on those needs, conducting stability tests, and researching competitors. The annual average salaries of UI and UX designers are $86,539 and $102,526 respectively.

Attending a coding bootcamp can prove to be beneficial to you and your career in more ways than one. Many companies, big and small, hire graduates who have completed online bootcamps as they have the right technical knowledge, bring in a fresh perspective, and tend to have a dedicated work ethic. This is why it’s important to put a coding bootcamp on your resume, highlighting that you have the right skill set for any job on offer.