Project managers (PMs) guide teams of experts toward a common objective. These experts must have exceptional organizing and communication abilities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), management occupations will rise by 9% between 2020 and 2030, roughly as fast as the national average – making it a desirable profession to pursue.

The skills required for successful project management can be challenging, from app development to web design. Fortunately, many bootcamps have been designed exclusively with PM success in mind. 

This blog post will review some of the best project management bootcamps available today and discuss how these immersive programs can help you build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. Whether you are just starting out or already an experienced practitioner, read on to discover why attending one of these top-notch classes could be advantageous!

A bootcamp that focuses on managing projects successfully is known as a project management bootcamp. These programs typically span 3 to 6 months. However, some flexible options let students complete the course material at their own speed, resulting in shorter or longer timelines.

There are some similarities between general coding bootcamps and project management bootcamps. In any bootcamp, for instance, students could learn about programming languages and project management tools. However, risk management, agile scrum technique, and leadership development are stressed in project management programs.

Instead of enrolling in degree programs, technology workers who want to move into leadership positions could attend project management bootcamps. Bootcamps provide easy learning for those with full-time employment because of their hybrid, online, and in-person learning alternatives and numerous scheduling possibilities.

To aid bootcamp alums in their new career choices, several bootcamps provide career development services like job searches or career coaches.

When considering which project management bootcamps to attend, it is essential to consider the criteria of top project management bootcamps. We narrowed down our selection to those that met the following standards:

  • Provides extensive project management programs
  • Are instructed by knowledgeable instructors and mentors
  • Offers career guidance
  • Offers 20 or more hours of instruction each week for at least eight weeks
  • Has at least one cohort of graduates

When choosing the best project management bootcamps, we looked for available scholarships or innovative funding options.

Project Management bootcamps enable students to enter the business sector right away by providing the required skills in a short amount of time.

Let’s look at our list of the best project management bootcamps to find out which is best for you.

1. Online Project Management Bootcamp by General Assembly


General Assembly’s project management bootcamp offers an overview of the critical ideas and guidelines that any project manager should be familiar with. It is perfect for beginner to advanced-level students as it covers the basics of project management. 

This is a brief online bootcamp that can be completed in a day. You will gain from the ideas and materials covered in this brief bootcamp whether you are a total newbie hoping to master the fundamentals or an experienced project manager seeking a refresher.

The pricing and financing options are not listed on the website, so you need to talk to the academic counselor for further details. 

2. Project Management  Bootcamp by The George Washington University


George Washington University provides an 18-week online bootcamp in technology project management for prospective project managers. Through hands-on instruction, students are taught agile and hybrid approaches, the scrum framework, and documentation. The technical aspect of project management is the program’s primary focus making it one of the best bootcamps for intermediate to advanced-level students. 

It is a remote and part-time bootcamp designed to cover the primary skills needed to become a project manager. The cost of the bootcamp is $8,995, which is on the steeper side. 

Students who join this program will get assistance with their resumes, training for interviews, and mentoring to help them start their professional lives. After completing this bootcamp, graduates will be ready to sit for the certification exam to become scrum masters.

3. Technical Project Management Bootcamp by Thinkful


The 5-month technical project management bootcamp offered by Thinkful emphasizes developing students’ “leadership muscles” and pushing them to engage in dispute resolution exercises. Students leave school with target analysis and project planning knowledge, making it an ideal choice for beginner-level students.

This online remote bootcamp is part-time, so you can learn the primary concepts of project management without sabotaging your job or daily activities. 

The pricing of the bootcamp is $6,500, which is average considering the duration of the bootcamp. The financing options include an upfront payment, monthly installments, and deferred tuition, where you don’t need to pay the tuition until you earn $40,000 a year.

The career services provided by Thinkful could be its best feature. Every student is paired with a business mentor employed in the field. Mock interviews, LinkedIn assistance, and a tuition deferral scheme aid in the transition of students into professional jobs. According to Thinkful, 81% of its alums found jobs within 180 days of graduation.

4. Technology Project Management Bootcamp by University of California, Berkeley


University of California’s project management bootcamp includes a market-driven curriculum and covers several business management ideas. The 18-week course is offered online so students can learn project management principles from the comfort of their homes. Business basics of software development, conventional and hybrid project management, and scrum framework approaches are all covered in this bootcamp.

The cost of this bootcamp is $9,995, which is a bit on the pricier side. However, considering the extended duration of this bootcamp, the pricing seems fair. In addition, graduates receive career counseling, assistance from the institution, and a certificate of completion. 

5. Technology Project Management Bootcamp by University of Miami


The University of Miami’s project management bootcamp emphasizes technology since this aspect significantly impacts all enterprises. In this part-time online program, beginners will study Agile frameworks, project management for software development and operations, and the project management lifecycle.

With evening and weekend alternatives, this university bootcamp gives flexibility to students with full-time jobs or other responsibilities. You don’t need any prior experience or to be a student at UM to apply. The duration is not listed on the website, but you can get the details from the academic counselor. 

The cost of the bootcamp is $8,495, which is on the pricier side. However, UM alums can be qualified for a 20% tuition reduction for bootcamp. 

6. Project Management Bootcamp by University of California, San Diego


The project management bootcamp at UC San Diego consists of 4 weeks of instructor-led, synchronous online sessions. The bootcamp covers the principles of project management and places a strong emphasis on practical training. By investigating strategic portfolio analysis, team formation, risk analysis, and control and setting project milestones, beginner-level students plan, manage, and carry out projects.

The curriculum is compatible with the Project Management Institute’s certification tests. After the bootcamp, participants are also given a certificate of completion.

The cost of the bootcamp is $895, which is affordable. The bootcamp is available online, or you can attend it on campus. 

7. PMP Certification Training Course by Simplilearn


Simplilearn’s online project management bootcamp, provided in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Amherst, includes case studies from Harvard University, 17 hands-on projects, and more than 15 simulated examinations. Beginner-level students accomplish capstone requirements from three domains while learning the principles of 30 program management tools across the curriculum.

Cohorts take part in the program’s online components and weekend in-person sessions. To be eligible for the program, applicants must have at least five years of relevant experience or a bachelor’s degree in any field, as this course is designed for advanced-level students. 

You must commit five to ten hours each week because the course is part-time. The program cost is $2,499, which is slightly more than average. Considering the duration of 6-months, the pricing seems fair.

8. Project Management Bootcamp by Noble Desktop


Noble Desktop offers a project management bootcamp that is ideal for beginner-level students. It focuses on the primary components of project management that can help the student polish their skills. 

The core concepts and methods of project management are covered in Noble Desktop’s project management bootcamp. The bootcamp combines two of Noble Desktop’s shorter bootcamps to provide a thorough route to efficient project management.

Students participate in 14 hours of project-based training and hands-on learning sessions. For individuals who need more software, Noble Desktop offers assistance. In addition, students receive a completion certificate and a year’s worth of access to the course contents.

The cost of the bootcamp is $449. You can attend the bootcamp online or in person if you are in New York City. 

9. PMP Certification Training by Master of Project Academy


With PMP Certification Training by Master of Project Academy, beginner-level students get flexible learning alternatives to help them master project management skills. Master of Project Academy provides various online training courses from 36 hours to 3 days

Depending on your preferred learning method, you can choose from instructor-led or self-paced courses. Access to practice problems and cheat sheets is simple and designed for beginner to advanced-level students. 

The course price depends on the duration of the course and starts from $99 per month, which is affordable. You will learn everything there is to know about project management in this training course. 

Alums from the Master of Project Academy work for companies including Facebook, Google, Amazon, Barclays, and Samsung. In addition, this course can help you pass the project management certification test by offering practice exercises. 

10. Project Management Professional (PMP)® Foundation Course By PMTraining


This project management course can help beginner-level students integrate real-world knowledge into the classroom. As the training course is online, it provides customizable study schedules so that you may improve your abilities.

Additionally, the PMP foundation Course by PMTraining offers study resources, simple tutor access, and a pass guarantee for exams. To assist you in passing the PMP tests, PMTraining’s teachers offer excellent study strategies and materials. You may access the live classes from anywhere because the curriculum is entirely online.

The course cost is $348, but it varies as PMTraining offers discounts to students. However, the price is affordable, so you must pay upfront as financing options are unavailable. 

The duration of the course is not listed on the website, so you can contact the provider to find out how long it will take to complete. This course focuses on environments and building a trustworthy team, and your teacher will cover business factors. You can learn project management online to prepare for a career.

11. PMP Exam Prep Bootcamp by Project Management Academy


The Project Management Academy offers courses from qualified professors for test preparation. You will spend more than 35 hours in training. Additionally, you’ll get a study guide, after-class assistance, practice tests, and examinations.

Basic, advanced, and premium prep bootcamp are available on the platform depending on the student’s skills. You don’t have to sign up for something particularly demanding because the cost of the bootcamps varies. If you are unhappy with the course, The Project Management Academy offers a money-back guarantee.

This bootcamp is entirely online. The cost ranges from $1,995 – $2,995, which is affordable. In addition, the financing option of upfront payment and installment is available for students. 

The bootcamp helps the student prepare for the PMP exams, so students have options for job placement after they pass the PMP exam .

12. PMP Exam Prep Bootcamp by Project Victor


Project Victor offers a variety of programs that can aid your professional success in the project management field, and PMP Exam Prep is one of them. 

Its vast mock examinations and other PMP exam prep materials are its most well-known features. These can help you understand the operational concepts involved in project management. 

PMP Exam Prep Course ensures that beginner-level students cover all the tools, methods, materials, and models required for project management and delivery. In addition, this online course provides PMP study guides, mock exams, and practice questions. Project managers with advanced degrees and years of experience serve as teachers.

This training course costs $3,500 – $5,500, the average for a PMP exam prep course. Unfortunately, project Victor does not offer financing options, so you need to pay for the program upfront. 

You may manage projects in the real world and pass certification examinations with the aid of Project Victor. You will be guided through various themes and case studies in the sessions so that you can learn by doing.

The bootcamp can also be attended physically as an alternative to the online version, with 5 weekly classes that can help you pass the PMP exam. 

13. Project Management Bootcamp by PSMJ


Beginner-level students can learn all the skills necessary to successfully manage projects, interact with clients, and manage budgets at the PSMJ project management bootcamp.

You may enroll in the PSMJ 2-day project management bootcamp online or in person. It addresses client-negotiation strategies, time management and scheduling methods, and budgeting ways to support project managers in effectively completing projects of all sizes.

The cost and financing option is unavailable on the website, so you need to discuss them with your academic counselor.

Is a project management bootcamp worth it?

Yes. Attending a project management bootcamp can be worth it if you’re looking to gain practical knowledge and skills in a short amount of time and if the cost of the bootcamp is reasonable and fits within your budget.

Are there any prerequisites to taking a project management bootcamp?

While there are no prerequisites to taking a project management bootcamp, skills like communication, leadership, team management, task delegation, resource management, conflict resolution, and time management, can help you grasp the concept easily.  

Can I get PMP Certification through a project management bootcamp?

Yes. Some project management bootcamps are expressly designed to get students ready for the PMP test. To be sure the course will prepare them for the certification, readers can study possible project management bootcamps. Prospective students can access this information on the bootcamp website or by contacting bootcamp admissions.

Although the PMP certification test may not be offered during the bootcamp, some programs can help students be ready to take the exam after finishing the bootcamp.

How much does a project management bootcamp cost?

The average cost of a full-time project management bootcamp is around $8,000, and if it is offered part-time, the average price is $5,000.

Will a project management bootcamp help me get a job?

A project management bootcamp can assist you in finding employment because career-specific skills are not always taught in colleges. Further, many employers now treat bootcamp graduates similarly to university graduates in terms of education and work experience.

Project management bootcamps give students new skills and tools for professional growth, preparing them for a job move or promotion. In addition, these courses provide an alternative to a college degree which can save time and money.  These bootcamps also provide training for those with a college degree who want skills that employers seek.

Depending on your learning requirements, budget, and professional aspirations, it could be worthwhile for you.

Even though a bootcamp frequently doesn’t provide the same depth as a college degree program, employers often view bootcamp programs positively. Our pick of the best Project Management Bootcamps can help you grasp the essential components of project management and apply for the position of project manager, so apply for them to build a successful career!